होम News Ranchi Municipal Corporation Launches CCTV Surveillance to Tackle Garbage Offenders

Ranchi Municipal Corporation Launches CCTV Surveillance to Tackle Garbage Offenders


Ranchi Municipal Corporation Cracks Down on Garbage Offenders with Online Monitoring

RMC Launches CCTV Surveillance and Swachhata App for Cleaner Ranchi

In a determined effort to combat the growing issue of littering and improper waste disposal, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has announced strict measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras at various locations for real-time monitoring.

Cracking Down on Littering

The RMC has taken a stern stance against those who litter public spaces and roads in Ranchi. CCTV cameras will be strategically placed at 50 locations across the city to keep a close watch on illegal garbage dumping. Offenders will face fines ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000, depending on the nature and quantity of the waste.

Swachhata App for Citizen Engagement

In addition to surveillance, the RMC has introduced the ‘Swachhata’ mobile app, designed to empower citizens to report complaints and provide suggestions concerning the cleanliness and sanitation of the city. The app is expected to facilitate timely issue resolution and enhance the overall sanitation services.

Commitment to a Cleaner Ranchi

RMC Commissioner, Mukesh Kumar, reiterated the corporation’s commitment to transforming Ranchi into a clean and green city under the Swachh Bharat Mission. He stated that the deployment of marshals would further deter rule-breakers and ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Door-to-Door Garbage Collection

To bolster its efforts, the RMC has launched a comprehensive door-to-door garbage collection service, covering all city wards. This initiative involves the deployment of 1,200 vehicles and 3,000 workers. The RMC is also planning to establish waste processing plants at multiple locations to convert waste into compost and energy.

Beautification and Infrastructure Development

Apart from sanitation, the RMC is actively working on beautification projects throughout the city. Over 50,000 saplings have been planted across various areas, while parks, gardens, fountains, and sculptures are under development to enhance the city’s aesthetic appeal.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Urban Development

The RMC is addressing key infrastructure challenges, such as improving the drainage and sewerage system. This includes laying new pipelines and repairing existing ones to prevent waterlogging and sewage overflow. Rainwater harvesting systems are also being installed in public buildings and institutions to conserve water resources.

Enhanced Public Transport and Traffic Management

RMC’s focus extends to improving public transport and traffic management. The corporation is acquiring new buses and e-rickshaws to provide citizens with improved mobility options. The introduction of smart traffic signals and CCTV cameras aims to regulate traffic flow and enhance safety on the roads.

Welfare Initiatives for the Urban Poor

Furthermore, the RMC is committed to the welfare of the urban poor, offering affordable housing, healthcare, education, skill development, and livelihood opportunities. Their participation in decision-making and governance is actively encouraged.

A Vision for a Smart and Livable Ranchi

The RMC envisions Ranchi as a smart, clean, green, and livable city through these initiatives. Commissioner Mukesh Kumar expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his vision and Chief Minister Hemant Soren for their unwavering support in driving Ranchi’s progress. The city is on a path to becoming a shining example of sustainable urban development.

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