होम News Navigating Promotions in Jharkhand’s Education Sector: A Comprehensive Analysis

Navigating Promotions in Jharkhand’s Education Sector: A Comprehensive Analysis


Promotions Approved for Vacant Social Science Positions, Jharkhand Takes Action

Jharkhand’s primary schools are set to witness promotions as commerce graduate teachers become eligible for advancement in the realm of social science. The Department of School Education and Literacy has unveiled this progressive move, charting a path for the elevation of commerce graduate primary teachers. Notably, the Secretary of the department, K. Ravi Kumar, issued directives to all deputy commissioners and district education officers on Thursday.

Jharkhand: Anticipation Builds for Commerce Graduate Teachers Eyeing Promotions in Social Science

Anticipation is on the rise as commerce graduate teachers position themselves for potential promotions in the domain of social science. The spotlight falls on the state’s primary schools, where the Department of School Education and Literacy has paved the way for these promotions. Echoing this development, Secretary K. Ravi Kumar dispatched orders to deputy commissioners and district education officers, marking a noteworthy stride forward.

Incorporating Commerce Graduate Teachers into Priority Listings

Propelled by the recommendations stemming from the tertiary committee established on May 18, 2023, by the Jharkhand High Court, the Higher and Technical Education Department, alongside the aforementioned committee, extends its consideration to commerce graduate primary teachers. This move particularly involves those who have undergone graduate-level training in social science, positioning them for promotions encompassing 50 percent of positions allocated for this purpose.

Reference to the Provisions within Jharkhand’s Educational Framework

Reference is drawn to the provisions outlined in the recently instituted regulations, including the Jharkhand Primary School Assistant Teacher Class, Promotion, and Service Conditions Rules of 2022, as well as the Jharkhand Teacher Eligibility Examination Amendment Rules of 2022. These provisions underscore the potential appointment of commerce graduate applicants as educators specializing in the field of social science.

Navigating Controversies Surrounding Commerce-Oriented Subjects

Amidst the educational landscape, controversies have emerged concerning subjects related to commerce. The National Council for Teacher Education has established graduation as the minimum qualification for teachers instructing classes six to eight. In alignment with this directive, the Department of School Education and Literacy, through a notification issued on July 31, 2014, established a dedicated unit of trained educators encompassing science, mathematics, social studies, and language subjects. This arrangement featured representatives from the realms of science, arts, and languages, respectively.

Nevertheless, a void in explicit provisions for commerce-related subjects within the qualifications framework for graduates in arts resulted in the withholding of promotions for commerce graduate teachers. This circumstance contributed to disagreements surrounding appointments within this segment of educators.

Reflecting on Issues Arising from Teacher Appointments in 2015-16

Looking back, the year 2015-16 bore witness to challenges regarding teacher appointments. Specifically, an issue emerged regarding the appointment of primary teachers, wherein commerce graduate applicants were initially selected. However, subsequent deliberations revealed a lack of alignment with the regulations governing commerce subjects. Consequently, selected teachers were subjected to removal through counseling procedures.

This contentious issue prompted legal action, with several cases reaching the Jharkhand High Court. The court’s interim order, issued on June 24, 2022, directed the state government to adhere to the original judgment outlined in the primary case. Consequently, commerce graduate applicants were directed to assume positions as graduate-trained social science educators, thus seeking resolution.

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