होम News Jharkhand Government Approves Purchase of 244 Electric AC Buses to Ease Traffic...

Jharkhand Government Approves Purchase of 244 Electric AC Buses to Ease Traffic in Ranchi



The Hemant Soren government in Jharkhand has made several important decisions during the cabinet meeting held on Monday. One of these decisions is to purchase 244 government buses to reduce the pressure of private vehicles in the capital city of Ranchi. Out of the 244 buses, 24 will be electric AC buses. This move will not only provide better transportation options for the people of Ranchi but also ease the traffic congestion.

Preparation and Process for the Purchase of Buses

According to City Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi Municipal Corporation Shashi Ranjan, the corporation has prepared a Detail Project Report (DPR) and has sent it to the Urban Development Department. However, there are still some pending processes regarding the purchase of the buses. Once these processes are completed, the route and fare for the buses will be decided. The Ranchi Municipal Corporation will then take charge of the buses.

PPP Mode and Three Parties for Bus Operation

As per the proposal, Rs 605 crore will be spent on the purchase and operation of the 244 buses, which will be operated on PPP mode. Three parties will be involved in the operation of these buses. The first party is the Ranchi Municipal Corporation, which will decide the routes and provide funds to the operator. The second party is the Operator One, which will operate the buses and provide drivers. The third party is Operator Two, which will provide technical facilities. The operators will be selected based on the tender process.

Better Commuting Options for Ranchi Residents

Ranchi Mayor Asha Lakda expressed that the operation of city buses will ease traffic congestion and provide a more affordable and reliable option for commuting. Private buses and autos often charge arbitrary fares, which will be eliminated with the introduction of government-run buses. The low fares of these buses will be especially beneficial for office goers, college and school students. The plan is to operate buses on every route of Ranchi, ensuring that people from every corner of the city can access this facility.

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