होम News Jamshedpur’s Journey to the Top: A City of Progress and Livability

Jamshedpur’s Journey to the Top: A City of Progress and Livability


According to a survey conducted by the Quality of Living Foundation, Jamshedpur has secured the top position in the quality of life index in India. The city achieved an impressive score of 1047 points, surpassing Chandigarh (1042 points) and Pune (1036 points).

The survey evaluated 10 parameters, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, safety, and environment. Jamshedpur performed exceptionally well in all of these areas, particularly excelling in education and healthcare.

Jamshedpur boasts several renowned educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Jamshedpur, the National Institute of Technology (NIT)-Jamshedpur, and the Jamshedpur Women’s College. Additionally, it houses prominent hospitals like the Tata Main Hospital and the Jamshedpur General Hospital.

The city enjoys excellent connectivity to other parts of the country through road, rail, and air networks. Its numerous parks and gardens add to its overall livability.

The residents of Jamshedpur have warmly embraced the survey findings, viewing the city’s high ranking as a testament to its remarkable development and progress.

The Quality of Living Foundation, a non-profit organization, conducts surveys on the quality of life in cities worldwide. The foundation’s mission is to foster the growth of sustainable and livable cities.

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