होम News SBI Partners with Jharkhand Police: Free 50 Lakh Accident Insurance for Policemen

SBI Partners with Jharkhand Police: Free 50 Lakh Accident Insurance for Policemen


Breaking News: State Bank of India Collaborates with Jharkhand Police, Offers Policemen Free Accident Insurance Worth 50 Lakhs

In a remarkable development aimed at bolstering the welfare of law enforcement officers, the State Bank of India (SBI) has officially forged a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jharkhand Police. This historic partnership heralds the provision of invaluable free accident insurance, extending up to an impressive sum of 50 lakh rupees, to all diligent police personnel within the state. Under the comprehensive scheme, these guardians of law and order will benefit from robust coverage in the unfortunate event of accidents resulting in death or disability.

The MoU, a pivotal pact that signifies mutual cooperation and commitment, was inked in the presence of eminent dignitaries including the Director General of Police (DGP) of Jharkhand, M.S. Bhatia, and the Regional Director of SBI, Ranchi, Debashish Mitra. As this historic accord promises to significantly enhance the lives and security of the state’s police force, its implications are both remarkable and far-reaching.

M.S. Bhatia, the Director General of Police, expressed profound appreciation for this groundbreaking initiative, emphasizing its potential to confer vital financial protection upon the families of police personnel who may suffer incapacitation or loss of life while on duty. His sentiment echoes the widespread sentiment of gratitude towards the SBI for stepping forward to provide this crucial lifeline for those who selflessly safeguard the citizens of Jharkhand.

This groundbreaking insurance coverage is meticulously designed to encompass a spectrum of unfortunate outcomes. It encompasses provisions for death caused by any eventuality, accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, and the accidental loss of limbs. In case of the tragic occurrence of any such incident, the sum insured will be promptly disbursed to the nominee of the affected police personnel, offering an extra layer of reassurance to their loved ones.

The span of this groundbreaking insurance extends across a year, with the benefit of renewal granted annually. To ensure the seamless continuation of coverage, police personnel will be required to submit a simple declaration form to the SBI each year. This straightforward procedure aims to fortify the spirit of partnership between the financial institution and the guardians of the state’s safety.

Undoubtedly, this MoU ushers in an era of enhanced security and stability for the families of the Jharkhand Police, who dedicate their lives to preserving the tranquility and harmony of the region. With this strategic alliance between the SBI and the police force, a bold and vital step has been taken towards safeguarding those who selflessly protect the well-being of countless individuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The State Bank of India’s collaboration with the Jharkhand Police culminates in the offering of free accident insurance, with an impressive coverage of up to 50 lakh rupees, for all police personnel in the region.
  • This insurance coverage is seamlessly integrated into the police personnel’s salary package.
  • The comprehensive coverage extends to cases of accident-induced death or disability.
  • A one-year insurance validity period is granted, with automatic annual renewal.
  • Ongoing coverage can be ensured by submitting a brief declaration form to the SBI each year.
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