होम News Jharkhand’s Urban Tree Planting Initiative: Free Electricity Offered per Tree

Jharkhand’s Urban Tree Planting Initiative: Free Electricity Offered per Tree


The Department of Forest, Environment, and Climate Change of the Jharkhand government has unveiled a plan to increase public awareness about the importance of planting more trees in urban areas in order to preserve the natural balance of the environment. Jharkhand’s Urban Tree programe

Suraj Singh, the Koderma Forest Division Officer, reports that the state government has announced that it will increase the number of trees planted in urban areas by offering five units of free electricity per tree. The Forest Department has been informed that the initiative has been put into practise in urban areas. The strategy is being widely reported in order to guarantee general knowledge. The Municipal Corporation, the Forest Department, and the Electricity Department have collaborated to prepare a project that will allow each tree to receive five free units of electricity.

Submission of Applications to the Municipal Corporation
The Forest Division Officer stated that in order to receive the benefits of the programme, interested parties must apply to the Municipal Corporation by February. The Municipal Corporation will count the number of trees planted during the fiscal year and provide the Forest Department with the list. The eligible beneficiaries of this scheme will be turned over to the Electricity Department once the Forest Department has monitored in accordance with the tree list and measured the height and width of the trees. The urban area’s electricity consumers will then receive the benefit directly.

Trees with a minimum diameter of 20 cm He explained that in addition to residential properties, urban areas with vacant land can also be planted with trees. For this reason, the trees’ minimum diameter needs to be greater than 20 centimetres. Officer Suraj Kumar Singh of the Forest Division pointed out that although there are typically lots of forests in rural areas, the density of forests in urban areas is steadily declining because of high population density. As a result, participation in tree-planting campaigns is encouraged.

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