होम News  RMC Changes Enforcement Team Uniform to Improve Identification, Efficiency

 RMC Changes Enforcement Team Uniform to Improve Identification, Efficiency


RMC Changes Enforcement Team Uniform to Improve Identification, Efficiency

The Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has changed the uniform of its enforcement team, which is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the city. The team, which used to wear khaki uniforms, will now don a new attire of blue and white.

The decision was taken to avoid confusion with the police and other government officials who also wear khaki. The new uniform will also have the RMC logo and the name of the team printed on it.

The RMC hopes that the new uniform will boost the morale and identity of the team members, who often face resistance and hostility from the public while performing their duties. The RMC has also provided them with new equipment and vehicles to improve their efficiency and safety.

“The new uniform will help to make our enforcement team more visible and identifiable,” said RMC Commissioner Manoj Kumar. “It will also help to build trust and confidence among the public.”

The new uniform was unveiled at a ceremony held at the RMC headquarters on Monday. The event was attended by RMC officials, members of the enforcement team, and representatives from the public.

“We are confident that the new uniform will help to improve the performance of our enforcement team,” said Kumar. “We are committed to making Ranchi a clean and hygienic city, and this is one step towards achieving that goal.”

The RMC enforcement team is responsible for enforcing the city’s laws and regulations related to cleanliness and hygiene. They also conduct awareness campaigns and clean-up drives. The team has been facing challenges in carrying out their duties, due to the lack of proper identification and equipment.

The new uniform and equipment are expected to help the team to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently. The RMC hopes that the changes will make a positive impact on the city’s cleanliness and hygiene.

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