होम News Government’s Robust Plan to Curb Bangladeshi Infiltration in Jharkhand

Government’s Robust Plan to Curb Bangladeshi Infiltration in Jharkhand


In a decisive move, the Modi government has unveiled a comprehensive plan to curtail the infiltration of Bangladeshi nationals in Jharkhand, a state located in eastern India. Focusing primarily on the border with West Bengal, which serves as the main entry point for illegal immigrants, the government aims to fortify security measures to safeguard the state’s integrity.Government’s Robust Plan

The cornerstone of this initiative is the construction of a high-tech fence along the Jharkhand-West Bengal border. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and drones, this advanced security infrastructure will meticulously monitor and prevent unauthorized crossings. The implementation of cutting-edge technology underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring stringent border control.

Additionally, the government has announced a comprehensive survey of the population in Jharkhand. This survey, conducted with the aid of biometric data and Aadhaar cards, aims to identify individuals lacking proper documentation and residing unlawfully in the state. This meticulous approach ensures accurate identification and subsequent deportation of Bangladeshi nationals without legal credentials.

The Modi government’s initiative is not just about safeguarding borders; it’s a vital step towards preserving the rich heritage, culture, and resources of Jharkhand. By preventing the influx of foreigners, the government aims to protect the state’s security and cultural identity.

Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story as the government continues its efforts to secure the borders and uphold the essence of Jharkhand.

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