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Swachh Survey 2023


In the latest rankings of municipalities with a population of over one lakh, Dhanbad secured the 215th position, replacing its previous standing of 10 lakhs. Similarly, Dhanbad scored zero in waste disposal, indicating 100% dumpsite management in terms of garbage disposal. Moreover, Dhanbad Municipal Corporation achieved an impressive 97% score in door-to-door waste collection.

The Cleanliness Survey of 2023 saw Dhanbad Municipal Corporation drop three positions compared to the previous year’s ranking. In the 2023 survey, Dhanbad secured the fourth position among the states, slipping from its previous third position.

While Dhanbad topped the state rankings in the Cleanliness Survey of 2022, this time it slipped to the 215th position among municipalities with a population of over one lakh. The city secured this position out of 446 ULBs nationwide.

Dhanbad garnered a total of 4060 points out of 9500 in the survey. In contrast, Jamshedpur claimed the top spot in the state with 7042 points. Dhanbad Municipal Corporation scored 100% in cleanliness of water sources, whereas it received zero points in dumpsite management, indicating flawless waste disposal.

In door-to-door collection, Dhanbad Municipal Corporation earned a commendable 97% score. The results of the Swachh Survey 2023 were released by the Central Government on Thursday.

The program, held at the Bharat Mandap Convention Center in Delhi, was attended by President Draupadi Murmu and Union Minister of Urban Development Hardeep Puri. City Manager Randhir Verma represented Dhanbad Municipal Corporation at the event.

The survey, totaling 9500 points this time, evaluated Service Level Progress on 4830, Certification on 2500, and Public Feedback (Citizen Voice) on 2170 points.

The theme of this survey was “Waste to Wealth,” and the assessment covered 46 parameters for cities. There are 10 municipal corporations in the state with a population exceeding one lakh. Currently, Dhanbad Municipal Corporation has a population of 11,62,472 and comprises 55 wards.

CategoriesPercentage Score
Door-to-Door Waste Collection97
Waste Source Segregation59
Excreta Production and Processing50
Dumpsite Management (Waste Disposal)0
Residential Area Cleanliness98
Market or Commercial Area Cleanliness98
Water Source Cleanliness100
Public Toilet Cleanliness81

State-wise Ranking of Municipalities (Population > 1 Lakh)

Ramgarh Nagar Parishad250

Dhanbad’s Rankings Over the Years

पिछला लेखPrime Minister’s Micro Food Processing Enterprise Scheme in Jharkhand
अगला लेखNational Youth Day:January 12th

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