होम News Traffic Updates in Ranchi: Temporary Diversion Routes for Sirmtoli and Kantatoli Flyovers

Traffic Updates in Ranchi: Temporary Diversion Routes for Sirmtoli and Kantatoli Flyovers


The ongoing construction of the Sirmtoli and Kantatoli flyovers in Ranchi has necessitated traffic diversions on certain routes until September 4. The traffic police have implemented measures to redirect vehicles to alternate paths for smooth traffic flow.

Vehicles approaching from Main Road and Ratu Road are temporarily prohibited from proceeding towards Kantatoli Chowk. Instead, they are directed to make a U-turn from Lalpur Chowk and utilize the Harmu Bypass Road as an alternative route. Similarly, vehicles coming from Kokar and Harmu are not permitted to proceed towards Main Road. They are advised to make a U-turn from Kantatoli Chowk and opt for Ratu Road as a detour.

These temporary diversions have been implemented with the aim of alleviating congestion and facilitating the timely completion of the flyovers. By rerouting traffic, authorities seek to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters while enabling the construction work to progress smoothly.

temporary traffic diversions implemented in Ranchi due to the construction work on the Sirmtoli and Kantatoli flyovers aim to ensure smooth traffic flow and commuter safety during this period. The redirection of vehicles from Main Road, Ratu Road, Kokar, and Harmu to alternative routes allows for the timely completion of the flyovers while minimizing congestion.

By proactively managing traffic and providing clear instructions, the traffic police strive to mitigate inconvenience and enhance the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors. These diversions are a temporary measure to accommodate the construction activities and are intended to alleviate congestion and facilitate the progress of the flyovers.

As the construction work continues, it is essential for commuters to stay updated on the latest traffic information and follow the designated alternative routes. Adhering to the diversion guidelines ensures a smoother traffic flow, promotes safety, and contributes to the successful completion of the flyovers.

Ranchi’s infrastructure development, including the Sirmtoli and Kantatoli flyovers, will enhance connectivity and improve transportation efficiency in the city. By enduring temporary traffic diversions, the community can look forward to a more convenient and streamlined commuting experience once the flyovers are completed.

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