होम News Jharkhand CM launches air ambulance services for medical emergencies

Jharkhand CM launches air ambulance services for medical emergencies


Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has inaugurated air ambulance services to provide quick and efficient medical facilities to people in need. The air ambulance service is a joint initiative of the state government and a private company called Medanta.

The air ambulance service will operate from Ranchi airport and will be available for patients who require urgent medical attention or need to be transferred to other hospitals. The service will also cater to people who are affected by natural disasters, accidents, or other emergencies.

According to the Chief Minister, the air ambulance service is a step towards improving the health infrastructure and ensuring better health outcomes for the people of Jharkhand. He said that the service will help save lives and reduce the burden on the existing health facilities.

The air ambulance service can be availed by contacting the following numbers: 91-124-4665515 and 91-8210594073. The service will charge a nominal fee depending on the distance and duration of the flight.

The Chief Minister also expressed his gratitude to Medanta for partnering with the state government and providing the air ambulance service. He said that such collaborations are essential for enhancing the quality of life and welfare of the people.

The air ambulance service is expected to benefit people from remote and rural areas of Jharkhand, where access to quality health care is often limited or unavailable. The service will also help in reducing the mortality rate and improving the recovery rate of patients.

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