होम News Ranchi Sadar Hospital Inaugurated: Treatment Facility to be available soon on 520...

Ranchi Sadar Hospital Inaugurated: Treatment Facility to be available soon on 520 beds.



The new building of Sadar Hospital in Ranchi has been inaugurated on Tuesday, after about 15 years of construction. The hospital will now have a total of 520 beds, providing much-needed relief to the people who faced problems due to lack of space earlier.

The civil surgeon inaugurated the hospital as the Health Minister Banna Gupta, MP Sanjay Seth, and MLA CP Singh were unable to attend the inauguration.

New services and facilities available

The new building will have several new services and facilities, which will provide better quality care to patients. The hospital will have emergency OPD, modular OT, blood test center, and three new OPDs operating 24/7.

The new campus is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, along with an Integrated Building Management System. More than 500 staff will be responsible for handling the hospital’s operations.

Improved Medical System

The Sadar Hospital will soon see a significant improvement in its medical system, providing better healthcare to patients. The OPD facility will be available on the ground floor, and a modern emergency ward of 16 beds has been started on the same floor. For the first time, the facility of palliative care, which gives last-minute relief to patients, is also being started in the NCD department.

Treatment facilities will be available in the OPD of various departments, including Medicine, Surgery, Abs & Gynae, Pediatric, Psychiatry, Skin, Ortho, NCD Cancer Screening, Cardiology, and Diabetes Control and Hematology.

Improved safety measures

The hospital has made significant improvements to its services, including the SNCU, women’s ward, dialysis, and pathological tests. Cleanliness, arrangements for pure drinking water, and toilets will also be better.

The hospital has made special preparations for the safety of security personnel and health workers. A parking area has been created in front of the OPD for government ambulances. The main gate of Sadar Hospital has also been made attractive, so that the patients coming to Sadar Hospital do not face any problem in finding it.

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