होम News Ranchi Takes Cues from Kolkata for Traffic System Overhaul

Ranchi Takes Cues from Kolkata for Traffic System Overhaul


The traffic landscape in Ranchi is on the brink of a significant transformation, drawing inspiration from the success story of Kolkata¹. In a bid to streamline traffic management, Ranchi is gearing up to establish an autonomous traffic system akin to Kolkata’s dedicated traffic police force.

A team of experts, after conducting an in-depth study of Kolkata’s traffic system, has returned to Ranchi and submitted their comprehensive report to the police headquarters¹. Their recommendations are poised to reshape how traffic is managed in Ranchi, with a focus on enhancing efficiency and road safety.

One of the prominent proposals put forth by the expert team is to disassociate the role of Ranchi’s Traffic Superintendent of Police (SP) from that of Ranchi’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)¹. This separation would ensure that traffic personnel are exclusively dedicated to their duties without being assigned to other responsibilities, thus optimizing their effectiveness in managing traffic flow and enforcing regulations.

Furthermore, the proposal encompasses the creation of independent units solely dedicated to traffic management, staffed by specialized traffic police personnel¹. This strategic move aims to bolster the capabilities of the traffic police force, enabling them to tackle traffic-related challenges more effectively.

To complement these changes, Ranchi is set to welcome the establishment of four new traffic stations across the city¹. These additional stations are expected to bolster the infrastructure for traffic management, resulting in better traffic control and improved road safety within Ranchi.

The adoption of Kolkata’s traffic system as a model for transformation reflects Ranchi’s commitment to enhancing its traffic management capabilities and ensuring smoother, safer commutes for its residents. As these proposed changes take shape, Ranchi anticipates a brighter future for its traffic system, mirroring the success experienced by Kolkata

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