होम News New Speed Limits in Ranchi: Obey or Pay the Fine

New Speed Limits in Ranchi: Obey or Pay the Fine


Ranchi, an effort to curb accidents caused by overspeeding, the Ranchi Traffic Police announced that they will commence issuing fines to drivers exceeding the speed limit on national highways starting next week.

According to an official press release from the Ranchi Traffic Police, two-wheelers and cars caught overspeeding will face a fine of Rs. 1,000, whereas buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles will be fined Rs. 2,000. In addition to the fine, offenders will also have their cases forwarded to the court for prosecution.

In light of these developments, the traffic police have earnestly appealed to drivers to respect the speed limits and refrain from speeding. They have explicitly warned that violators will face strict consequences.

This proactive step taken by the Ranchi Traffic Police has garnered support from both motorists and residents. The general consensus is that this initiative will effectively reduce the number of accidents and improve overall road safety.

In their plea to the public, the traffic police have emphasized the importance of cooperation in enforcing speed limits. They have asserted that ensuring the safety of all road users remains their paramount concern.

With the implementation of these stringent measures, the Ranchi Traffic Police are demonstrating their commitment to creating a safer environment on the national highways. Motorists are urged to comply with the regulations and help make the roads a secure space for all.

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