होम Tourism Taimara Ghati:Mysteries and Myth of NH-33 in

Taimara Ghati:Mysteries and Myth of NH-33 in


Haunted Tales Surrounding Jharkhand’s Enigmatic National Highway 33

An Eerie Aura, Mysterious Incidents, and a Reputation for the Unexplained

– The infamous NH-33, Jharkhand’s national highway, may be a vital route connecting cities and districts, but it’s also shrouded in unsettling mysteries and tales. Stretching across 352 kilometers, this highway links Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Singhbhum, and various other parts of Ranchi.

When passing through here, the time and year on your mobile device change. The mobile’s time zone advances by two years. This means that when you check your mobile, instead of the year 2022, you will see the year 2024 here. Not only that, the mobile starts indicating a different time as well. As soon as you arrive here, you start receiving messages about date settings on WhatsApp.

Taimara Ghati:Mysteries and Myth of NH-33 in

A Highway Enveloped in Mystery

NH-33 has earned a dubious reputation for incidents that defy explanation. Despite cautious driving and fervent prayers, some believe that safety remains elusive on this route. Travelers from Jamshedpur often pause at the Van Devi Temple, while those journeying from Ranchi seek solace at Taimara Ghati Hanuman and Kali Mandir, all located along the highway. The reason? Safety. Visitors fervently seek blessings and pray for protection. However, the dark truth is that even amidst these rituals, tragedy sometimes strikes.

The Dreaded Evening Hours

As dusk descends, the highway takes on a foreboding aura. It falls under the influence of Maoist elements, discouraging evening travel. Stories abound of travelers being robbed and murdered by Maoists during this time. Instead of stopping at temples, evening travelers often toss money from a distance and pray for safe passage. Sadly, these prayers sometimes go unanswered. Shockingly, over three years, 246 lives were claimed by this highway, with police noting that non-fatal accidents outnumber fatal ones. Records show an average of 60 injuries in a span of 20 days.

The Haunting Belief

Local lore attributes the highway’s eerie events to malevolent spirits. According to the priest of Taimara Ghati Temple, a spectral lady in white is frequently spotted along the road. After nightfall, she stands on the highway, seemingly waiting for someone. Some drivers, encountering her, have tragically lost control in a bid to avoid her. Witnesses have also reported spectral figures of men and women, bloodied and crying for help, following accidents.

The Rational Perspective

Law enforcement, however, leans towards a more rational explanation. They attribute the accidents to the highway’s sharp, narrow curves. The National Highway Development Project is in the process of widening the road, with a two-year timeline for completion. But whether you believe in the supernatural or not, one fact remains unchanged – Jharkhand National Highway 33 continues to bear the ominous reputation of being one of India’s most enigmatic and potentially haunted locations.

A Story Unearthed

The highway’s true story remains a mystery, but the unsettling facts and figures surrounding NH-33 create an eerie atmosphere that is impossible to ignore. For those traveling along NH-33, it’s a stark reminder to avoid night journeys. And for those who dare to venture, uncovering the secrets of this place could lead to the sharing of chilling tales with the world, provided they return to tell the tale.

The Truth Behind Jharkhand’s Time Zone Mystery: Fact vs. Fiction

It is said that the time zone changes in this valley, but this is not true. Here, not just one but several mobile towers are installed on the hills. Where the signboard for Taimara Ghati is placed, you can see mobile towers nearby. Stop here and take photographs. Check your mobile yourself; you won’t notice anything new. There will be no change in the time zone. Daily Jagran reporter personally checked and even took photos, but no change was observed, as rumored on social media. When some people present here were asked about it, they said it’s just a rumor. If that were the case, this would have become a tourist center for Jharkhand. To date, neither the government nor any agency has confirmed such an incident. Even the mobile service companies providing services in this area have become cautious. They have never provided any information about this.

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