होम News Chhath Puja Celebrations: Discover Clean and Convenient Reservoirs in Ranchi for Devotee

Chhath Puja Celebrations: Discover Clean and Convenient Reservoirs in Ranchi for Devotee


Reservoirs are being constructed in Ranchi so that followers of Chhath can pray there. In Jharkhand, the process of getting ghats ready for Chhath Puja has started. Nevertheless, Ranchi’s growing urbanisation has resulted in a scarcity of water in reservoirs. As a result, many of the city’s ponds have dried up before winter has officially arrived. These ponds are ready for Chhath devotees’ worship and rituals. The ponds’ steps are kept up nicely, and the water quality is good.

Many of the city’s ponds dry up before winter arrives due to a water shortage in reservoirs brought on by the capital’s increasing flat culture and urbanisation.

Chhath devotees are becoming concerned about the ponds’ lack of water and cleanliness. But Chhath devotees can celebrate the festival in a clean atmosphere at a number of the city’s reservoirs. Bariatu Lake, Lower Chutia Kamloo Lake, Upper Chutia Bansath Lake, Argada Lake, Bada Talab, and the artificial lake on the grounds of Harmu Mandir are a few of these.

Bariatu Lake: Kamloo Lake, which is near Ketari Bagh, is a convenient location for Chhath devotees to perform Chhath Puja. There are practical steps for descending into the lake, and the water in it is clean. This year, those who are dedicated to Chhath and typically perform Chhath Puja in the Swarnarekha River can do so at this lake.

Bansath Lake in Bansath Bazaar: For many years, worshippers and ritualists have flocked to Bansath Lake in Upper Chutia. As a result, the lake’s water is always clear. People can perform Chhath Puja at this lake by coming from the nearby market. For the benefit of Chhath devotees, special, totally secure ghats have been prepared. The committee makes sure the lake is properly secured.

Kamloo Lake: This well-kept lake is located in Ketari Bagh. Even before Chhath Puja, the committee takes care of the lake’s cleanliness. The Muslim community contributes significantly to the cleanliness of this lake. This lake further demonstrates the unity of Muslims and Hindus. For followers of Chhath, everything is ready.

Bada Talab: A sizable congregation of followers congregates at Bada Talab annually. Worship arrangements are being made even better this year. The area surrounding the lakes has been cleaned by the municipal corporation. In addition, a distinct water tank has been installed for the purpose of getting rid of religious items. To make sure that devotees are not disturbed, lights have been installed, and security precautions have been taken.

Harmu Panch Mandir: A water tank was erected as a feature during the Durga Puja celebrations at Harmu Panch Mandir. This is now extended in honour of Chhath Puja. The tank will be filled with water up to the knees so that devotees can comfortably carry out their rituals. Within the premises, changing rooms have been established, and appropriate lighting has been installed.

Argada Lake: The municipal corporation has cleaned Argada Lake in light of the Chhath festival. The lake’s steps have been cleaned, and barricades have been erected around it. In addition, lighting and pipes have been installed all around the lake. At this lake, devotees can comfortably perform their puja.

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