होम News Adani Group’s Ambuja Cements to Establish 4 Million Ton Cement Grinding Unit...

Adani Group’s Ambuja Cements to Establish 4 Million Ton Cement Grinding Unit in Godda, Jharkhand


The Adani Group’s unit, Ambuja Cements, will establish a cement grinding unit with a capacity of four million tons in Godda. This project entails an investment of 1000 crore rupees, aiming to boost the area’s foundational infrastructure and employment opportunities. The project will be located in Motiya village of Godda district.

Project Planned Near Adani Power, Jharkhand

The project’s plan has been formulated near Adani Power in Jharkhand. This unit will generate direct and indirect employment for over 2500 people. Ambuja Cements already operates two cement plants in Jharkhand with a combined capacity of six million tons per year.

Commitment to Socio-Economic Development

Ambuja Cements is dedicated to creating employment opportunities and contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities it operates in. The company takes pride in being an integral part of Jharkhand’s development narrative. Moreover, Ambuja Cements is committed to its shareholders, customers, employees, and the broader community to deliver better and sustainable practices.

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