होम News Ranchi’s Pahari Mandir Set for Revamp: New Tourist Hub in the Making

Ranchi’s Pahari Mandir Set for Revamp: New Tourist Hub in the Making


Ranchi’s picturesque mountain temple is set for a transformation into a vibrant tourist hub, with plans to enhance facilities and attractions for visitors. The temple premises are soon to feature a ropeway, Mountain Baba corridor, and a designated pilgrimage path. A feasibility study is set to commence, with a geological survey team overseeing the project under the direction of the Central agency Rights.

Pahari Mandir Development Committee

The Pahari Mandir Development Committee, led by Chairman SDIO Utkarsh Kumar and Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation Limited’s GM Rajiv Kumar, recently held a meeting to discuss these exciting developments.

It’s worth mentioning that on the occasion of Shivratri, Chief Minister Champai Soren had also announced initiatives for the beautification of the mountain temple. According to a spokesperson for the Mountain Temple Committee, Badal, plans include constructing a ropeway, skybridge, and Pahari Baba corridor pilgrimage path. While initial work had begun on the ropeway and skybridge earlier, it was deemed unfit for use, resulting in a temporary halt.

A New Look for Guband Area

Plans for the Pahari Mandir’s beautification were drafted six months ago, with an estimated cost of 15 crore rupees. These plans encompass giving the temple’s dome a fresh look, developing the surrounding area into a tourist spot, setting up parking facilities, a cafeteria, and a restaurant.

Additionally, the project includes the construction of an ashram for priests and officials to stay, as well as a rest house for the comfort of devotees.

The Pahari Mandiris poised to undergo a significant transformation, promising visitors a serene and enriching experience amidst the natural beauty of Ranchi’s hills. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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