होम News Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) Decision on CNT Land in Jharkhand – 1950...

Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) Decision on CNT Land in Jharkhand – 1950 Boundaries


Tribal Advisory Council (TAC)

acquisition and sale of land under the Chotanagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act of 1908. In a session chaired by Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Friday, the TAC decided to permit the transfer of CNT land within the boundaries of districts and police stations established in 1950. This implies that both tribals and non-tribals residing in the same district or police station area as of 1950 are now eligible to buy or sell CNT land.

Furthermore, the TAC has taken a step to address concerns related to land acquisition, compensation, and rehabilitation of tribals affected by various projects. A committee will be formed to thoroughly examine these issues. The TAC meeting, attended by 12 members including ministers, MLAs, and experts from diverse fields, served as a platform to discuss and decide on matters crucial to the welfare and development of tribals in Jharkhand. As a constitutional body, the TAC plays a key role in advising the state government on tribal-related affairs in the region.

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