होम News Road Safety Week in Jharkhand: January 11 to 17,

Road Safety Week in Jharkhand: January 11 to 17,


Jharkhand is gearing up for Road Safety Week, scheduled from January 11 to 17, aiming to spread awareness about traffic rules and road safety. This year’s theme, “Safe Yourself to Save Your Family,” underscores the importance of individual responsibility for overall family safety. The week-long campaign will feature various activities, including rallies, seminars, competitions, and the distribution of pamphlets and stickers.

The primary goal of Road Safety Week is to bring down the number of road accidents and fatalities in the state. In 2019, Jharkhand witnessed 4,138 road accidents and 2,233 deaths, as reported by the National Crime Records Bureau. Overspeeding, drunk driving, traffic rule violations, and inadequate road infrastructure were identified as the leading causes of these accidents.

To address this issue, the state government has implemented several measures, such as:

  • Installing CCTV cameras, speed guns, breath analyzers, and e-challan machines at various locations.
  • Launching a helpline number, 1073, to report road accidents and emergencies promptly.
  • Conducting regular training sessions and workshops for drivers, transporters, and traffic police.
  • Enforcing the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, which imposes higher penalties for traffic offenses.
  • Establishing a Road Accident Database Management System (RADMS) to collect and analyze data on road accidents.

Road Safety Week is a collective effort involving all stakeholders to create safer roads for everyone. The public’s cooperation is crucial, and everyone is urged to follow traffic rules and regulations. By doing so, individuals can contribute to their safety and that of their families, reducing the risk of road accidents.

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