होम News Smart City Delegation Visits Ranchi – Overview, Initiatives and Cooperation

Smart City Delegation Visits Ranchi – Overview, Initiatives and Cooperation


Smart City Delegation Visits Ranchi

A delegation from Regio Emilia, Italy visited Ranchi Smart City to learn about the city’s initiatives and explore opportunities for cooperation. The visit aimed to share knowledge and promote sustainable urban development between the two cities.

Presentation of Ranchi Smart City Initiatives

Smart City Delegation Visits Ranchi - Overview, Initiatives and Cooperation

The General Manager of Ranchi Smart City, Rakesh Kumar Nandakyoliyar, presented various initiatives implemented by the city. The delegation was introduced to the Command Control and Communication Center, which operates a self-operated traffic system and plays a crucial role in crime control and management of criminal incidents. The center is staffed by a 24-hour police team. The delegation also visited the utility services and Area-Based Development (ABD) area.

Presentation of Regio Emilia Initiatives

Regio Emilia gave a presentation on its city’s initiatives, including its QS rankings and incentives for universities. The delegation learned about sustainable mobility initiatives and cycling tracks. The delegation members even got to experience these cycling tracks themselves.

Cooperation between Ranchi and Regio Emilia

The Corporation Sustainable Urban Development Inclusion Program was launched between Ranchi and Regio Emilia to foster knowledge sharing and promote non-motorized transport. The program aims to promote public bicycle sharing systems in Ranchi, and other similar initiatives.


The delegation from Regio Emilia praised the initiatives taken by Ranchi Smart City and expressed their hope that the city will become a model city for surrounding areas. The visit was a success in promoting sustainable urban development and fostering cooperation between the two cities.

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