होम News Ranchi Smart City: The Future of Jharkhand

Ranchi Smart City: The Future of Jharkhand


Ranchi: The Future Smart City of Jharkhand

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is on its way to becoming a smart city. The smart city project is being carried out with great enthusiasm, and it is expected to provide a wide range of facilities to the residents. The project is not only meant for the affluent, but people from all walks of life will have access to modern amenities.The General Manager Technical of Ranchi Smart City Project, Rakesh Kumar, has mentioned that the project aims to provide something better for every class of people, be it lower middle class, middle class, or upper middle class. Along with the infrastructure, the project also prioritizes the environment and eco-friendly surroundings.

Modern Facilities for All

Ranchi Smart City: The Future of Jharkhand

According to Rakesh Kumar, four out of the twelve projects have already been completed, while the remaining eight are in the final stages. Ranchi Smart City is all set to become the first model township in the state, offering 24×7 electricity, water supply, and cleanliness. A modern sewerage drainage system will be implemented to ensure proper waste management.In addition, the smart city will have electric buses, and optical fiber will be used to conceal the crumbles and wires, making the city look aesthetically pleasing. Health is also a top priority, and a 1 km long cycle track and sidewalk will be built along the road for the residents’ convenience.

Housing and Apartments for Everyone

Ranchi Smart City will have housing facilities for everyone, including apartments for every class of people. Currently, there are proposals for 16,000 apartments in the smart city, and it is expected to take up to 3 years to complete. Furthermore, the smart city will have a police headquarters, a five-star hotel, and a super-specialty hospital of the Chennai Apollo Group. The hospital will provide residents with top-quality medical care without having to travel far. The five-star hotel will be built on mixed-use land.

Ranchi Smart City: The Future of Jharkhand

The Future of Ranchi Smart City

The Ranchi MP, Sanjay Seth, has also suggested some ideas to make the smart city more appealing. He has recommended that the smart city should have a non-seizal and higher secondary school for children, so they don’t have to leave the city for quality education. Facilities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and tennis courts will also be available for children.

In conclusion, Ranchi Smart City is on the path to becoming a modern and sustainable township. The project aims to provide modern facilities to every class of people, prioritize the environment and eco-friendliness, and ensure the residents’ health and safety. With its completion, Ranchi Smart City is expected to be a model township for the state of Jharkhand.

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