होम News Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April


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1.Election Commission Orders Removal of Devghar Police Chief in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

Ajit Peter Dungdung, the Police Superintendent of Devghar, has been ordered to resign by the Election Commission of India in Jharkhand. Furthermore, directives have been issued to appoint new personnel to the roles of IG in Dumka, DIG in Palamu, and Rural SP in Ranchi district.

The state government has been requested by the Commission to supply a panel for the appointment to these positions. This comes after an assessment of the arrangements for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

2.Concerns Rise Over Pension Schemes for Teachers in Jharkhand Universities

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

The pension plan is a source of uncertainty for faculty and staff at Ranchi University (Ranchi Varsity) and other state universities. In question are two pension plans: an old one and a new one. Regarding their pensions, about 6,000 employees who have worked as teachers or staff since 2004 are in the dark.

The pension plan has recently come under scrutiny after representatives of the teachers’ association, led by Jagdish Lohra, met with Deepak Birua, the minister of tribal welfare and transport, to make their demands known. After that, on March 7, a memo was also delivered to the Chief Minister. It was brought to the attention of the Chief Minister that the finance and personnel department had been sitting on the old pension scheme for university teachers and staff for the previous six months. The initiative by the government is anticipated to help about 10,000 state employees, teachers, and their families. cited in the letter of resolution The Department of Higher and Technical Education released a resolution letter on March 12 of last month. It covered the pension benefits that graduate and intermediate Sanskrit instructors and staff will receive in the future. It was also mentioned that the previous pension plan would help university officials, faculty, and staff, as well as affiliated colleges.

3.Jharkhand State Open University to Establish New Campus in Tata Silvae

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

There will be a new campus of Jharkhand State Open University in Tata Silvai. Six acres of land in the Anagda block, close to Gondalipokhar, have been set aside by the state government for this use. After the elections, more activities will begin. There will be contemporary structures on campus. As of right now, the Forest College-owned Birsa Agricultural University houses the Jharkhand Open University. Following the orders of the Governor and Chancellor, the Open University was temporarily housed in a building while Dr. O.N. Singh was the Vice-Chancellor of Birsa Agricultural University. However, the absence of a common room for girls, classrooms, and other amenities has prompted concerns from the Forest College, leading to talks about clearing out the Jharkhand Open University building. Goats, ducks, and chickens from the poultry farm are entering the Open University campus next to this building, which is causing problems. The Forest College accused the Open University of stealing on Monday, citing a discovery of a duck in the building’s hallway. This has prompted demands to vacate the building once more. The Jharkhand Open University Registrar was asked by Forest College on Tuesday to grant access to a portion of the building’s lower level for classroom use.

4.Jharkhand Receives Record Development Assistance of ₹6,200 Crore for Rural Development

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

During the fiscal year 2023–2024, Jharkhand received a record ₹6,200 crore in development assistance, primarily for rural development, from the Rural Financial Institutions (RFIs). Following the end of the fiscal year, the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) made these numbers public on Monday. Across the state, 244 Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) have received support from NABARD. About 2,00,000 farmers are anticipated to gain from this, with an estimated 25–30% increase in their income. In 2020, Jharkhand’s rural financial institutions received a meager ₹10,500 lakh in refinancing benefits during the fiscal year. Nevertheless, this number has increased by more than 40 times in just four years. Just in the fiscal year 2023–24, Jharkhand banks received ₹4,081 crore in refinancing benefits. With a total of ₹2,896 crore, Jharkhand State Cooperative Banks and Jharkhand State Rural Banks have reaped the largest share among them. In an effort to help farmers become financially independent, NABARD has assisted the state government in constructing the basic infrastructure needed for rural irrigationhealth, water sanitation, education, and connectivity.

5.April 25 is the last day to add names to the Ranchi voter list.

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 3rd April

In Ranchi City, a training program was held at the district school in an effort to boost voter turnout and expand the voter list. Training was given to BLOs (Booth Level Officers), sanitation supervisors, Municipal Corporation staff, and BLO supervisors during this program. Neha Arora, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, emphasized the significance of BLOs, BLO supervisors, sanitation workers, and supervisors being involved in the election process. She said she was proud that they were all taking part in the voting process. April 25 is the deadline for adding names to the Ranchi district voter list. Arora urged everyone to add as many names to the voter list as they could. Rahul Kumar Sinha, the Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer, highlighted the critical role that urban voters play in raising the voter turnout in Ranchi district. Urban voters make up a sizable portion of the district’s population. In urban areas, voter turnout has been low in recent years. Sinha urged voters in urban areas to register and to encourage others to register in order to take an active part in the democratic process.

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