होम News Jharkhand Cabinet Expansion

Jharkhand Cabinet Expansion


Chief Minister Hemant Soren has recently expanded his cabinet, introducing new faces and retaining some familiar ones.

New Faces in the Cabinet

In this expansion, Basant Soren and Deepak Birua have been brought in as ministers, representing the Jamumou constituency. Both have been appointed ministers from this region.

Replacement and Continuity

Interestingly, Joba Manjhi, a senior leader from the Hemant government, was not included in the cabinet, with Deepak Birua taking her place. However, it’s noteworthy that Birua has previously served as a legislator from Jamumou.

All other legislators who served as ministers in the Hemant government have retained their positions in this cabinet, showing continuity in leadership.

Jharkhand Cabinet Expansion

Oath Ceremony

The oath ceremony for the newly expanded cabinet was held at the Birsa Mandap in Raj Bhavan, where Governor CP Radhakrishnan administered the oath of secrecy to eight ministers.

Vacant Seat

Despite the expansion, one seat in the cabinet remains vacant. There have been speculations about the last-minute removal of Baidyanath Ram’s name, leaving the seat unfilled.

Response and Speculations

Jharkhand Cabinet Expansion

The exclusion of certain names and the retention of others have led to various speculations and discussions within the political circles.

No Inclusion for Some

Notably, Sita Soren, a prominent legislator from Jama and the sister-in-law of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, was not included in the cabinet, despite expectations. This has sparked discussions and raised questions about the selection criteria.

Remaining Continuity

While some new faces have been introduced, the majority of the cabinet members are from the previous government, showcasing continuity in leadership and decision-making.

Composition of the Expanded Cabinet

The expanded cabinet comprises a mix of new and familiar faces, with representation from different constituencies and political parties.

Oath Taken by Ministers

  • From Jamumou: Basant Soren, Deepak Birua, Mithilesh Thakur, Hafizul Hasan, and Baby Devi
  • From Congress: Rameshwar Oraon, Banna Gupta, and Badal
  • Already in the Cabinet: Chief Minister Hemant Soren (Jamumou), Alamgir Alam (Congress), Satyanand Bhokta (RJD)

This composition reflects a blend of experience and fresh perspectives, aiming to address the diverse needs and challenges of the state.

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