होम News Ram Navami in Jharkhand: A Look at the Elaborate Security Arrangements

Ram Navami in Jharkhand: A Look at the Elaborate Security Arrangements


Strong Security Arrangements Made for Ram Navami in Jharkhand

The state of Jharkhand has made elaborate security arrangements for Ram Navami celebrations, with alerts issued in many states including the capital Ranchi. Although the dispute over loudspeakers in the fleet has been resolved, the security department has issued an alert regarding many places.

Deployment of Security Personnel

More than 13 thousand jawans have been deployed across the state, with maximum security personnel deployed in Hazaribagh and Ranchi. The Special Branch has alerted all the SPs of the state to take extra precautions. The jawans deployed in security will try their best to ensure that no violence spreads in the state and no one faces any kind of trouble. The Police Headquarters has made complete preparations from the point of view of security during the procession of Ram Navami.

Special Focus on Hazaribagh

For security, more than 13 thousand forces from ATS to district police and CRPF have been made available to all the districts. There is a special focus on Ranchi and Hazaribagh districts where maximum number of security forces have been deployed. A total of 1100 armed forces and lathi force including 150 each have been made available separately to all range DIGs. Police headquarters will also keep a close watch on the processions of all the districts. Monitoring of law and order will also be done from here itself. For this one DIG, three SPs, three DSPs and three Inspectors have been deployed.

Preparations in Different Districts

The duty in the police headquarters control room will be in three shifts till the end of Ram Navami. Ranchi District has also been provided with one Company Raph and two Company Raphs. Besides four DSPs, one company CRPF and one company RAP have been deployed in Jamshedpur. Apart from 14 DSPs, 20 inspectors, 250 sub-inspectors and ASIs, a company raff, a company RAP and ATS team have been deployed in Hazaribagh. There is an order to send CRPF deployed in Giridih, Palamu and Lohardaga to Hazaribagh after Ram Navami. Six DSPs, five inspectors, one company CRPF have been deployed in Giridih. One company women CRPF has been deployed in Palamu. Apart from three DSPs, 20 SIs and ASIs, one company CRPF is deployed in Lohardaga. One company CRPF has been deployed in Dumka.

Special Branch Alert

The Police Headquarters Special Branch has sent an alert to all the districts, with SPs ordered to take special vigil on the route of the procession. Districts have been given detailed information regarding sensitive places and routes. The Special Branch has also suggested keeping an eye on such people, so that there is no problem regarding law and order. Police are already keeping an eye on such people.

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