होम News Changes in MBBS Examination Guidelines

Changes in MBBS Examination Guidelines


Medical students pursuing MBBS degrees will no longer receive five marks as grace in any exam. This benefit, which has been available to MBBS students for nearly 40 years, will now be discontinued. The National Medical Commission (NMC) guidelines will also be implemented at Ranchi University. The administration of Ranchi University is expected to put its stamp of approval on these new guidelines within a day or two of receiving them from the NMC.

So far, the provision of grace marks has assisted students in passing exams on multiple occasions. However, according to the new guidelines, the directive of ‘no grace marks’ has been issued. It is reported that with the implementation of these new guidelines, passing the main exam and supplementary exams will be the only options for medical students. There is a possibility that students will also be included in the study of Ayurveda and Homeopathy as part of the foundation course.

Meanwhile, the final MBBS course in Surgery, Medicine, and Gynecology subjects will now be extended to 18 months. First-year MBBS students will now have to study for a total of 1521 hours, which is equivalent to 39 weeks. Students will receive an additional month for elective exams, which are related to research subjects. Not only that, according to the guidelines, each student, like before, will have to observe three families for three years, keeping an eye on their activities from their food habits to their illnesses and nutrition.

Doctor-Patient Conversations Included in Foundation Course

In addition to the foundation course, doctors will now also be included in the course for dialogue with patients. Apart from this, MBBS students will also be linked with sports and yoga.

Internal and External Examiners to be from University’s Approved List

For MBBS students, the list of internal and external examiners will be sent by the department to the dean and the university. Only on the basis of the approved list/name by the university will colleges now be required to call examiners. Internal and external examiners will now only be from the relevant subjects. In addition, internal and external examiners will now be rotated based on a new schedule.

These changes in the MBBS examination guidelines mark a significant shift in the education and evaluation process for medical students. It aims to enhance the quality of medical education and ensure a comprehensive approach to learning and assessment.

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