होम Sports Haryana Wrestlers Immerge Medals in Protest Against Government

Haryana Wrestlers Immerge Medals in Protest Against Government


Wrestlers Immerge Medals in River Ganga

A group of wrestlers from Haryana immersed their medals in the river Ganga on Monday in protest against the state government’s alleged neglect of sports.

The wrestlers, who had won medals at the national and international level, said that the government had not provided them with adequate facilities and support, and that this had hampered their progress.

“We have won medals for the country, but the government has not done anything for us,” said one of the wrestlers. “We have no facilities, no coaches, and no money. We are forced to train on our own.”

The wrestlers said that they had tried to meet with the state government officials, but their requests had been ignored.

“We have been asking for help for years, but no one has listened to us,” said another wrestler. “We are now left with no choice but to protest.”

Congress Leader Reacts

Congress leader Deepender S Hooda reacted to the wrestlers’ decision, saying that “sacrificing medals in the Ganga is like sacrificing life.” He also criticized the state government for its “indifference” towards sports.

“The wrestlers have made India proud by winning medals at the national and international level,” said Hooda. “But the government has not done anything for them. This is a clear case of indifference towards sports.”

Hooda demanded that the state government immediately provide the wrestlers with the necessary facilities and support. He also said that the government should take action against the officials who had ignored the wrestlers’ requests.

Haryana Chief Minister Defends Record

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar defended the state government’s record in sports, saying that it has been providing all possible support to athletes. He also said that the wrestlers’ decision to immerse their medals was “unfortunate.”

“We have been providing all possible support to athletes,” said Khattar. “We have built new stadiums, we have appointed new coaches, and we have increased the funding for sports. We are committed to promoting sports in the state.”

Khattar said that he would meet with the wrestlers to discuss their grievances. He also said that the government would take action against anyone who had been negligent in providing support to the wrestlers.

The Incident Highlights the Issue of Sports Funding in India

The incident has highlighted the issue of sports funding in India. While the government has made some efforts to improve sports infrastructure and support athletes, there is still a long way to go. Athletes often have to rely on private sponsorships and donations to fund their training and competitions. This can be a major obstacle for athletes from poor backgrounds.

The government needs to do more to support sports in India. This includes providing more funding for infrastructure, training, and competitions. It also needs to create a more conducive environment for athletes to train and compete. With the right support, India can produce world-class athletes who can bring glory to the country.

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