होम News Three Flyovers to be Built in Ranchi to Tackle Traffic Jams

Three Flyovers to be Built in Ranchi to Tackle Traffic Jams


Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, is set to undergo a significant transformation with the construction of three flyovers in the city. These flyovers are expected to ease traffic flow and reduce travel time for commuters, making the city a more convenient place to live.

Three Flyovers to be Built in Ranchi to Tackle Traffic Jams

Kantatoli Flyover

The Kantatoli flyover, being constructed by Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (JUIDCO), has been long-delayed, but its construction has now gained momentum. With 40% of the work already completed, the flyover is expected to have 44 pillars, of which 32 have been erected. The flyover, spanning 2.24 km, will ease the traffic flow between Bahubazar Chowk and Kantatoli.

Sirmatoli to Doranda Rajendra Chowk Flyover

The construction of the flyover from Sirmatoli Chowk to Doranda Rajendra Chowk, which started just six months ago, is also progressing. So far, 20% of the work has been completed, and the engineers involved in the construction work expect to complete it on schedule. The flyover will be about 2.4 km long, and the sloping work between Bahubazar Chowk and Kantatoli will begin soon.

Piska More to Ratu Road Flyover

The third flyover, between Piska More and Ratu Road, has completed 30% of its construction work, with about a dozen pillars already erected. The engineers involved in the construction work are confident of completing the remaining work by 2024. Sloping work is expected to begin by July.


The completion of these flyovers is expected to be a major relief for the residents of Ranchi, who have been grappling with traffic congestion and long travel times. With the construction of these flyovers, the city is poised to become a more convenient and accessible place to live, work and travel.

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