होम News Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April


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1.CPI Breaks Ties with ‘India’ Alliance in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

The Communist Party of India has severed its connections with the ‘India’ alliance in Jharkhand. The CPI has declared candidates for the four Lok Sabha seats up for grabs in the state following this decision. The party has chosen Abhay Bhuiyan from Palamu, Mahendra Uraon from Lohardaga, Arjun Uraon from Chatra, and Rajesh Kumar Kisku from Dumka as its candidates. The selection of these candidates by the CPI has dealt a blow to the opposition alliance in Jharkhand.

2.Congress MLA and Associates Raided in Sand and Mining Scam Investigation

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

The suppliers and carriers of sand will shortly be called in by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which is looking into money laundering in the land and mining conspiracy. During this procedure, raids were conducted on Amba Prasad, a Congress MLA from Bada-Kagawa; former Tuppudana in-charge Meera Singh; and Lal Mohit Nath Shahadev, a Congress leader and close associate. Documents pertaining to land transactions, illicit sand mining, and transportation were retrieved during both raids. After reviewing the documents, the identities of a few suppliers and transporters who facilitated the transfer of bribe money from police officers to contractors have also come to light. The ED will now speak with each of them separately to get statements that will allow for a comprehensive investigation into every facet of money laundering.

3. Congress Announces Candidates for Three Seats in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

Three seats have candidates nominated by Congre4.ss. Seven seats in the coalition have been assigned to the party. Four congressional seats require candidates to be fielded. The Congress is planning after the BJP proposed Dhullu Mahato as a candidate in Dhanbad. In the race for this seat, Daddi Dubey is regarded as the front-runner. Party leaders think they can figure out the caste system. Concurrently, Anoop Singh, the Bermo MLA Jaymangal, is advocating for his spouse Anupama Singh to be granted a ticket. MLA Shri Singh has addressed senior officials in Delhi about his case. Kumar Gaurav, the president of the Youth Congress and his younger brother, is also working hard. The ticket between the two brothers is causing friction in the family. Additionally, a few state leaders are attempting to convince Anupama Singh’s candidacy.

4.Devghar Airport Receives Approval for Night Landings

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

There’s good news for people traveling to and from Jharkhand’s Devghar and the surrounding areas! The weather-related disruption that passengers flying out of Devghar Airport experienced during takeoff and night landings has been rectified. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) approved night landings at Devghar Airport on April 1, 2024. The DGCA stated that with the approval of night landings at Devghar Airport, aircraft can now operate and land around the clock in any weather, thereby solving the issue of flight cancellations. Devghar Airport was granted approval once all the challenges associated with night landings were resolved. Numerous towering structures that hindered the airport’s approach were demolished. Furthermore, the airport already has all of the necessary equipment for visibility, night landings, and weather installed. The DGCA has given its approval after these issues have been resolved and Devghar Airport’s amenities have been restored. The DGCA has also allotted slots for this facility. The A-321 type aircraft and its equivalents are now prepared for landing and takeoff at Devghar Airport thanks to the installation of this facility.

5.Today, NDA Meeting in Jharkhand:Through this meeting, NDA will showcase its unity

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 2nd April

For the Jharkhand Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has declared candidates for every seat. This means that the AJSU Party will run for one Lok Sabha seat, and the BJP for thirteen. On April 2, following the announcement of candidates and the distribution of seats, senior NDA leaders will convene at the state BJP office to formulate their winning campaign plan. Laxmikant Vajpayee, the state chief of the BJP, is expected to attend the 11 a.m. meeting. Party MLAs, in-charges of the Lok Sabha, coordinators, and deputy coordinators—whose tickets have been finalized this time—have been called to the meeting. The NDA will demonstrate its unity through this meeting. The opposition leader Amar Bouri, state organization secretary Karmveer Singh, regional organization secretary Nagendra Tripathi, and state organization president Babulal Marandi of the BJP will be present at the meeting.

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