होम News The Water Crisis Deepens in Dhanbad: Actions Taken Against Encroachers

The Water Crisis Deepens in Dhanbad: Actions Taken Against Encroachers


The Water Crisis Deepens in Dhanbad, Actions to Be Taken Against Encroachers

The underground water level in Dhanbad, India, is rapidly decreasing, and the encroachment of ponds and filling of wells are major reasons for this crisis. Unfortunately, people are not concerned enough about conserving groundwater. If this continues, the situation will worsen, and the jail will suffer as well.

Actions to Be Taken Against Unpermitted Encroachers

The Jharkhand Municipal Act will now take action against those who encroach on ponds and wells without permission. It is now illegal to install tube wells, well-ponds, deep boring, kund, and fuhara without the permission of the Municipal Commissioner. In the light of Section 208 of the Jharkhand Municipal Act 2011, the Municipal Corporation has issued a directive regarding Kuan-Talab. The Municipal Act punishes anyone who violates these laws.

Protecting the Wells and Ponds

According to a survey conducted by the Municipal Corporation, there are a total of 108 wells and 34 ponds in the urban area, most of which are running out. The central government is emphasizing their protection, and any person or institution under the municipal corporation’s control or domestic or commercial truck who violates the laws will face penalties.

Sam Scheme to Preserve Underground Water

Dhanbad has been selected in the Sam scheme, and the main objective is to preserve the underground water level of government wells and ponds. The agency has been selected for the DPR, and 34 ponds and 69 wells will be renovated as part of the initiative. The Ministry of Central Urban Development has introduced a new Yazna under Amrit-2 for the dilapidation of government wells and lockbows, named Shallow Aquafar Management (SAM).

Strict Action to Be Taken Against Water Abusers

Nagar Ayukta Satyendra Kumar has warned that people are pulling water by putting motor pumps, which is an illegal act. Anyone who lays Nalcup, well-pond, deep boring, digging, and fuhara without permission is also liable to punishment. The accountability of the Yazna Ka to be taken on the ground has been given to the Municipal Corporation.

Renovation of Wells and Lockbows

The government’s ponds and wells in Dhanbad will be renovated under the new Yazna. Only Dhanbad has been selected for this Yazna from the entire state. The purpose of this Yazna is to fix the water level of the dilapidated ponds and wells, and the Municipal Corporation will be held accountable for its implementation.In conclusion, the water crisis in Dhanbad demands immediate attention, and actions must be taken to conserve groundwater. The government and municipal corporations must work together to protect wells and ponds, punish encroachers, and implement initiatives to preserve underground water.

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