होम News Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April


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1.RIMS Hospital Revamp: Modernizing Jharkhand’s Largest Medical Facility

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

RIMS, is undergoing a massive renovation. Everything from the old main building’s wards to the operation theaters is being modernized. Additionally, the long-closed basement is being cleaned up and prepared to be used as a ward. A budget of 300 crores has been allocated for this entire renovation.
Dr. Rajkumar, the director of RIMS, highlighted the necessity of clearing the water accumulated in the basement. A budget of 1292 crores has been set aside for the construction of four new buildings at RIMS. These buildings are aimed at the comprehensive development of RIMS and the well-being of patients. The plan includes the construction of an OPD complex, an IPD complex, a super-specialty building, and an MCH.

2.JSSC Announces Results for Postgraduate Trained Teachers in Plus Two Schools

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) has announced the final results of the examination for the appointment of postgraduate trained teachers in Plus Two high schools. While the results for four subjects have been released, seven subjects’ results are pending, causing distress among the teachers.
The JSSC conducted the examination for the appointment of postgraduate trained teachers in Plus Two high schools, with results released for four subjects, but the results for seven subjects are pending. While the recommended candidates in four subjects have received appointment letters and have begun contributing to schools, those waiting for results in the remaining seven subjects are feeling anxious even after the verification of their certificates.
Results Released for These Subjects:
The commission announced the final results for the subjects of Geography, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology just before the Lok Sabha elections.

3.Jharkhand Ranks 25th in Use of Election Commission’s SUVIDHA Portal and App

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

Jharkhand is ranked 25th in the country for the use of the Election Commission’s

SUVIDHA portal and app. Since the announcement of elections in Jharkhand, only 270 applications have been received on the convenience portal for various tasks. Andhra Pradesh leads with 1153 applications, while Assam is second with 2609 applications, and Bihar is third with 861 applications.
The Election Commission has prepared the convenience portal for the convenience of political parties and candidates. During the Lok Sabha elections, applications can be made on the convenience portal for organizing any event. With the launch of the convenience portal, political parties or candidates do not have to visit the election office to apply for programs. They can apply online on the portal 48 hours in advance.

4. 37 Unregistered political parties from Jharkhand will participate in the Lok Sabha

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

This time, 37 unregistered political parties from Jharkhand will participate in the Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission has released the list. Among the unregistered parties are:

S. No.Political Party Name
1Common People’s Development Front
2Your Our Party
3Abu Jharkhand Party
4All India Jharkhand Party
5Bahujan Sadan Front
6India Development Front
7Indian Azad Sena
8Indian Gandhiwadi Party
9Indian Liberation Party
10Indian Democracy Front
11Indian Humanity Building Party
12Hindustan People’s Party
13Hindustan People’s Party Democratic
14We Farmers Party
15Common Man Party
16Jharkhand Azad Party
17Jharkhand Direction Party
18Jharkhand Jan Kranti Front
19Jharkhand Janadhikar Party
20Jharkhand Revolutionary Party
21Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Ulgulan
22Jharkhand Party
23Jharkhand Secular Party
24Jharkhand People’s Party
25Jharkhand Development Party
26Johar Party
27Lok Jan Development Front
28Human Liberation Front
29Youth Struggle Front
30New Age Progressive Front
31National Country Party
32National Jayhind Party
33National Jan Kranti Front
34National Jan Sangharsh Swaraj Party
35National Labour Peasant Democratic Party
36National Single Party
37Sadan Development Party

Additionally, the Election Commission has delisted Bahujan Shakti, Jharkhand Jan Morcha, Jharkhand Janadhikar Manch, and Jharkhand Vananchal Congress. Another party, Moosist Coordination, has also been declared inactive.

5.Governor CP Radhakrishnan Returns Jharkhand Finance Bill for the Fourth Time

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 8th April

Governor CP Radhakrishnan has returned the Jharkhand Finance Bill passed by the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly for the fourth time. He mentioned that the amendments proposed in the bill fall under the jurisdiction of the central government. The state government cannot make amendments to it.
Previously, the Raj Bhavan had returned this bill three times. However, the official confirmation of the fourth return of the bill by the Raj Bhavan has not been made.
According to sources, the Governor stated that the Customs Act is in the central list. The state government cannot change it. Doing so would violate the jurisdiction of the central government. The Governor also expressed objections to Section 30 of the bill. According to him, this section is influenced by the Attorney General of the country and the India Bar Act.
What’s the Whole Issue?
It is said that the Governor also sought the opinion of the Attorney General on this bill. It should be noted that the former Governor Ramesh Bais had returned the bill due to differences in the Hindi and English versions and the second time due to not being passed again by the Legislative Assembly.
The third time, he had asked the state government to take the opinion from the law department and whether this bill falls under the state list or not. This bill has been prepared regarding amendments to the Indian Coinage Act, 1899, Bihar Entertainment Duty, Court Fees, and Stamp Act, 1948 (as applicable in Jharkhand).

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