होम News PM Modi Distributes 51000 Appointment Letters at Virtual Rozgar Mela

PM Modi Distributes 51000 Appointment Letters at Virtual Rozgar Mela


In a virtual Rozgar Mela, Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed more than 51000 appointment letters to fresh recruits, marking a pivotal stride towards curbing youth migration. The initiative aims to create employment avenues within the confines of their own cities and villages, spanning both private and government sectors.(PM Modi Distributes 51000)

The Rozgar Mela, akin to an employment fair, stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to empower young individuals, positioning them as catalysts for national progress. The recent edition of this fair witnessed the issuance of joining letters to 71,000 new recruits for Central Government positions, spread across 45 locations nationwide. This event succeeded a prior installment in October, where 75,000 appointment letters were conferred upon newly inducted personnel.

Prime Minister Modi, in a pronouncement made in June, vowed to fill 10 lakh existing Central Government vacancies by December 2023. His emphasis on the government’s resolute mission to furnish employment opportunities for the nation’s youth remained steadfast.

In conjunction with these efforts, Prime Minister Modi launched the ‘Karmayogi Bharat’ technology platform and ‘Karamyogi Prarambh’, an exclusive online orientation course tailored for newcomers in governmental departments. He urged the appointees to capitalize on these resources to their fullest capacity.

Despite the prevailing global crisis stemming from the pandemic and conflicts, global experts maintain an optimistic outlook on India’s growth trajectory. Bolstered by a burgeoning start-up ecosystem comprising 80,000 ventures, India is emerging as a pivotal player in the service sector, poised to ascend as the world’s manufacturing nucleus.

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