होम News Addressing Bed Shortage: RIMS Ranchi to Construct 100-Bed Prefabricated Wing

Addressing Bed Shortage: RIMS Ranchi to Construct 100-Bed Prefabricated Wing


Relief is on the horizon for patients at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi as a significant upgrade is set to take place. A 100-bed prefabricated wing will soon become a reality, putting an end to the distressing situation where patients are often left to be treated on trolleys due to the acute shortage of beds in the central emergency ward.

In a recent review meeting held on Saturday, Health Secretary Arun Kumar Singh presided over the crucial decision to construct this new wing. The proposed location for the wing is in close proximity to the central emergency ward, ensuring convenient access to urgent medical care for patients in need. The administration is committed to furnishing the wing with all essential facilities to guarantee top-notch medical services.

The construction process for the prefabricated wing is expected to be swift, with completion projected within the coming months. Once operational, the wing will be fully equipped with beds, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and a well-trained staff to cater to patients’ needs effectively.

Not stopping there, RIMS is also making strides in expanding its capacity to accommodate patients. Plans are underway to construct a whopping 200 new rooms in hostel number eight. These rooms will be thoughtfully furnished with brand-new furniture, promising a comfortable and hygienic environment for patients. Hospital authorities are optimistic that the new rooms will be fully operational and ready for use by the end of this year.

The combined efforts to build the new wing and expand the hostel’s capacity are expected to bring much-needed relief to patients and their families who have endured the challenges of overcrowded wards or treatment on trolleys. This development marks a turning point in enhancing the overall healthcare services at RIMS.

Addressing Bed Shortage: RIMS Ranchi to Construct 100-Bed Prefabricated Wing

With a focus on swift action and patient-centric care, RIMS is making significant strides towards alleviating the burden on its existing facilities. The new wing and rooms are set to create a positive impact, ensuring better medical care for those in need and easing the anxiety of patients and their families during challenging times.


The forthcoming construction of the 100-bed prefabricated wing and the addition of 200 new rooms at RIMS in Ranchi signify a monumental step forward in enhancing healthcare services. Patients and their families can look forward to a more comfortable and efficient healthcare experience, as these developments promise to alleviate the long-standing challenges of overcrowded wards and bed shortages. With its patient-centric approach and unwavering commitment to quality care, RIMS is poised to transform healthcare services in Ranchi for the better

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