होम News Comprehensive Training Sessions for Lok Sabha Elections:

Comprehensive Training Sessions for Lok Sabha Elections:


In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, election officials, including Chief Electoral Officers, provided extensive training to Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) from various constituencies. During the training sessions, a range of topics was covered, emphasizing the importance of ensuring accurate voter registration in the Special Revision Campaign.

The Chief Election Officer, K. Ravi Kumar, urged EROs to conduct special surveys diligently. He emphasized the need to verify and register citizens who have turned 18, ensuring they are not omitted from the voter lists. Special attention was given to citizens who have reached the age of 18 by January 1st, as the election process gears up.

Under the Special Revision Campaign, a second phase of household surveys will commence on October 27th, continuing until December 9th. Additionally, specific campaigns have been scheduled on October 28th, 29th, and November 4th, 5th, focusing on each polling booth. Special attention will also be given to specific groups: on November 28th for the indigenous communities, November 29th for the homeless, November 30th for citizens above 80 years, December 2nd for the third gender, and December 3rd for differently-abled individuals.

It was highlighted that the Education Department is coordinating with schools to facilitate the early submission of Form-6 applications by students who will turn 18 by January 1st. So far, approximately 6.59 lakh students have submitted Form-6 applications. The Chief Election Officer encouraged all officials to prioritize their responsibilities and ensure the seamless execution of election activities.

During the training sessions, valuable feedback was also collected from Deputy Election Officers and other designated officers from different districts, as well as EROs. The event was attended by key officials, including OSD Geeta Choube, Deputy Secretary Devdas Datta, Deputy Election Officer Sanjay Kumar, and other officials from the Election Department. The constructive feedback and collaboration among officials are expected to enhance the efficiency of the election process in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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