होम News Celebrating Women’s Voices: Discover the Women’s Dialogue Library in Gumla, Jharkhand

Celebrating Women’s Voices: Discover the Women’s Dialogue Library in Gumla, Jharkhand


The inauguration of the state’s first women’s library has taken place in the Gumla district of Jharkhand. The library is named ‘Women’s Dialogue Library’ and aims to raise awareness among women on social, economic, political, and cultural issues.

The establishment of the Women’s Dialogue Library is done by an organization called ‘Women’s Dialogue,’ which works on women’s empowerment, women’s safety, women’s education, women’s health, women’s rights, women’s empowerment, women’s equality, women’s respect, women’s community, women’s culture, women’s tradition, women’s experience, women’s art, women’s resources, women’s inspiration, women’s talent, women’s symbols, women’s lovers, and women’s admirers.

The library houses over 5,000 books in 12 languages (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Bengali, Odia, Santali, Ho, Kurukh, Koron, etc.) covering more than 50 subjects (psychology, sociology, politics, history, contemporary issues). The books include works by over 1,000 authors (Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, etc.).

In addition to the library, various programs are organized, such as book discussions, poetry symposiums, storytelling sessions, plays, songs, dances, debates, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, projects, competitions, awards, honors, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, social media, online platforms, etc.

The aim of the library is to make women an active, empowered, prosperous, and integrated part of society. The library helps women raise their voices for their rights, fulfill their dreams, showcase their talents, manage their resources, serve their communities, honor their traditions, revive their culture, share their experiences, present their art, spread their inspiration, recognize their symbols, identify their role models, and love their admirers

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