होम News JCECEB Opens Nursing Admissions to All India Candidates: Apply Now

JCECEB Opens Nursing Admissions to All India Candidates: Apply Now


Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (JCECEB) Reopens Nursing Admissions to All India Candidates

Ranchi, July 20, 2023 (IANS) – The Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (JCECEB) has taken a significant step towards promoting nursing education by reopening the application process for nursing admissions. In an earlier announcement, the board had limited eligibility to local residents of Jharkhand for nursing courses in the state. However, in a recent decision, the state government has abolished this locality compulsion, allowing aspiring nurses from all across the country to apply. https://jceceb.jharkhand.gov.in/

As of July 21, 2023, eligible candidates from across India can apply online for nursing admissions until July 29, 2023. This move is expected to open up new avenues for candidates seeking nursing education in Jharkhand.

The JCECEB has scheduled the Nursing Entrance Competitive Examination (NECE) to take place on August 13, 2023. Following the examination, the NECE results will be announced on August 20, 2023.

Admission to nursing courses in Jharkhand will be based on the NECE scores, alongside consideration of the candidate’s caste and category, which will collectively contribute to the preparation of the merit list.

The decision to eliminate the locality compulsion by the JCECEB aims to extend more opportunities to aspiring nurses nationwide, enhancing the overall quality of nursing education within the state.

The move has been met with widespread appreciation from aspiring nurses, who view this decision as a fair chance to pursue their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals.

For detailed information about the admission process and any further updates, candidates can visit the official website of JCECEB. Additionally, they may reach out to the JCECEB helpline for any clarifications or assistance.

With the application process now open to all India candidates, the nursing community anticipates a surge of applications and looks forward to welcoming talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the healthcare sector in Jharkhand.

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