होम News  Jharkhand PGT Teacher Appointments Update

 Jharkhand PGT Teacher Appointments Update


The Education and Literacy Department of Jharkhand has recently appointed Jharkhand PGT Teacher /postgraduate-educated teachers to positions in the state. These appointments were made in early March, and teachers were simultaneously installed in their new roles. Separate orders were issued for each subject’s appointments.

However, the department has now made changes in four subjects regarding the placement of these teachers. As a result, many aspirants’ placements have been moved to different schools. This change has left some applicants feeling frustrated.

As these applicants report to their assigned schools to begin their duties, they are informed by District Education Officers that their placements have been changed to different schools. The subjects affected by these changes include Life Science (17 aspirants), Chemistry (5 aspirants), Physics (12 aspirants), and Geography (11 aspirants). These modifications were implemented on March 15th.

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