होम News CM Champai Soren Inaugurates Traffic System Changes at Ranchi’s Albert Ekka Chowk

CM Champai Soren Inaugurates Traffic System Changes at Ranchi’s Albert Ekka Chowk


Ranchi: Chief Minister Champai Soren unveiled a revamped traffic system at Albert Ekka Chowk on Sunday, emphasizing its design for enhanced public convenience. He lauded the efforts of the women’s group ‘Didi’s Conference’ and affirmed the government’s commitment to societal welfare.

Women Empowerment:

CM Soren commended the resilience and dedication of ‘Didi’s Conference’ members, citing them as role models. He pledged governmental support for their endeavors and urged citizens to comply with traffic regulations.

Traffic System Overhaul:

The revamped system features new traffic signals, CCTV surveillance, pedestrian crossings, barricades, and signage aimed at easing congestion and ensuring smoother traffic flow. The project was a collaboration between the Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited (RSCCL) and Jharkhand Police.

Didi’s Conference:

Comprising women from diverse backgrounds, the group has actively engaged in COVID-19 relief efforts by distributing essential supplies. They advocate for various causes, including women’s rights, child education, and environmental conservation.

The event witnessed the presence of Urban Development Minister Arup Chatterjee, Transport Minister Champai Soren, Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth, along with MLAs Amba Prasad and Naveen Jaiswal. Also in attendance were Mayor Asha Lakra, Deputy Mayor Sanjeev Vijaywargiya, DGP Neeraj Sinha, SSP Surendra Kumar Jha, and other dignitaries.

CM Soren’s inauguration of the upgraded traffic system reflects the government’s commitment to improving public infrastructure and ensuring citizen welfare. The event also underscored the invaluable contributions of ‘Didi’s Conference’ in fostering social change and community empowerment.

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