होम News Jharkhand High Court Acts: Lokayukta Appointment Committee in Action

Jharkhand High Court Acts: Lokayukta Appointment Committee in Action


In a recent development, the Jharkhand government has taken a significant step toward appointing the Lokayukta in the state. This move comes following a petition filed by advocate Rajiv Kumar, who raised concerns about the delay in the appointment process. The government assured the High Court that a committee has been established to address this issue promptly.

The petitioner, Rajiv Kumar, had contested that the state government was in violation of the Jharkhand Lokayukta Act, 2011, which stipulates the appointment of Lokayukta within six months of government formation. Kumar argued that the absence of Lokayukta was hampering the state’s battle against corruption and maladministration.

In response, the government’s counsel informed the court that a committee, comprising the Chief Minister, the Leader of Opposition, and the Chief Justice of the High Court, had been constituted to oversee the appointment process. This committee is now set to convene a meeting shortly to finalize the selection of the Lokayukta.

After carefully listening to both sides, the court decided to adjourn the matter for a period of four weeks. During this time, the government has been directed to provide an affidavit detailing the progress made by the committee. This step signifies a positive move towards ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the state administration.

Stay tuned for further updates on this crucial development, as Jharkhand progresses in its fight against corruption and works towards a more accountable governance system.

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