होम News Highlights Of Jharkhand Cabinet Meeting

Highlights Of Jharkhand Cabinet Meeting


A Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Champai Soren took place in Jharkhand on Monday. The cabinet granted approval on 25 crucial proposals. Among these decisions, the government extended significant relief to the state’s farmers.

Now, farmers will receive a four percent reduction in agricultural loan interest rates instead of the previous three percent. This benefit will be extended to those farmers who repay their loans within one year.

Additionally, the proposal to increase funding for the construction of ministers’ residences was approved during the cabinet meeting.

Furthermore, a major announcement was made for the state’s students. Students passing the tenth grade will receive Rs. 15,000 for diploma courses, benefiting around 3,000 students. Moreover, those completing twelfth grade and enrolling in B.Tech courses will receive an annual scholarship of Rs. 30,000, benefiting 1,200 students. The state government has also approved the initiation of the Manki Munda Scholarship Scheme.

The proposal to establish a JET Exam was also approved during the cabinet meeting. Additionally, approval was granted for a road widening project from Nagar Untari to Rohaniya, with a budget of Rs. 61 crore. This allocation was increased from Rs. 69.90 crore to Rs. 114.47 crore.

Furthermore, approval was granted for the creation of a deputy secretary position within the Governor’s Secretariat.

These decisions reflect the government’s commitment to addressing various sectors’ needs and providing relief to farmers and students, ensuring inclusive development across Jharkhand.

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