होम News Champai Soren Oath Today

Champai Soren Oath Today


Ahead of officially assuming the role of Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Champai Soren sought blessings from Shibu Soren, the leader of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). The oath-taking ceremony, scheduled for 12:15 PM at the Raj Bhavan, will witness not only CM Champai Soren but also Deputy CM Basant Soren and Alamgir Alam taking their oaths.

Basant Soren, the younger brother of CM Champai Soren and the son of JMM Chief Shibu Soren, will serve as the Deputy CM. Alamgir Alam, a Congress legislator and a former minister in the Champai Soren government, is also set to take the oath. Additionally, Satyanand Bhokta will be sworn in as a minister through the RJD quota, with the possibility of one or two more names being added in the final list.

Immediately after the oath ceremony, media reports suggest that all JMM-Congress legislators will be flown to Hyderabad on a special chartered plane. On February 5, the day of the floor test, all legislators will then travel together from Hyderabad to Ranchi. Following this, there is a possibility of a cabinet expansion around February 6 or 7.

Champai Soren Oath Today

Champai Soren Seeks Blessings from Shibu Soren Before Swearing-In

Prior to taking the oath, CM Champai Soren visited the residence of JMM Chief Shibu Soren to seek his blessings. In a subsequent interaction with journalists, Champai Soren expressed deep respect for Shibu Soren, referring to him as his role model. Before the swearing-in, Champai Soren, accompanied by Shibu Soren and his mother Rupi Soren, received blessings. He highlighted Shibu Soren’s leadership during the separate statehood movement, emphasizing the need to follow his path for Jharkhand’s development.

Champai Soren Oath Today

Post-Oath Plans: Paying Homage and Office Resumption

After taking the oath as CM, Champai Soren will first offer floral tributes at the statue of Bhagwan Birsa Munda and other freedom fighters. Subsequently, he will proceed to the Secretariat to assume his official responsibilities.

JMM-Congress Legislators’ Travel to Hyderabad

Following Champai Soren’s oath-taking, all legislators from the JMM-Congress alliance will be transported to Hyderabad on a special chartered plane. Despite an initial attempt to depart for Hyderabad on Thursday evening, inclement weather conditions compelled them to return to the Circuit House.

Champai Soren Oath Today

Efforts to Convince JMM MLA Sita Soren

JMM legislator Sita Soren has reportedly been discontented recently. After openly opposing the proposal to make Champai Soren’s wife, Kalpana Soren, the Chief Minister, her position was replaced by Champai Soren. Now, Nalin Soren and Basant Soren are engaged in discussions to persuade Sita Soren.ShareSave

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