होम News Chief Minister Champions Housing,Promises Homes for All by 2027

Chief Minister Champions Housing,Promises Homes for All by 2027


Chief Minister Champai Soren made a significant announcement during a meeting in Dumka. He declared that by the year 2027, every resident in Jharkhand will have their own home. Soren emphasized that no one would have to live in slums or rundown houses anymore, as everyone would receive a permanent three-room house.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to fulfilling the housing needs of the poor, Soren stated, “The state government is dedicated to ensuring that 20 lakh impoverished and homeless individuals realize their dream of owning a home.”

During the event, Soren distributed approval letters for the Abua Awas scheme to beneficiaries in Dumka, Jamtara, and Deoghar districts. Additionally, he transferred Rs 76 crore 15 lakh 50 thousand as the first installment amount through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to their bank accounts.

Soren warned against any misuse of the housing scheme, affirming that strict action would be taken against offenders, including officials and middlemen. He instructed officials to prioritize transparency in sanctioning houses to beneficiaries.

Recognizing the importance of holistic development, Soren underscored the government’s efforts to strengthen various sectors such as the economy, education, healthcare, and social welfare. He praised the leadership of former Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren for driving development initiatives, which the current government aims to continue and expand upon.

Given Jharkhand’s predominantly rural landscape, Soren highlighted the government’s focus on bolstering the rural economy and improving amenities in villages alongside urban areas.

Moreover, Soren announced an increase in the free electricity quota from 100 to 125 units, benefiting around 30 lakh consumers. This move reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing welfare measures for its citizens.

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