होम News Jharkhand’s Rural Development Milestone: CM Hemant Soren Launches Jarmundi Grid Sub-Station

Jharkhand’s Rural Development Milestone: CM Hemant Soren Launches Jarmundi Grid Sub-Station


In a momentous event on Monday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren of Jharkhand inaugurated the much-awaited Jarmundi grid sub-station. This ambitious project is set to revolutionize the power scenario in the region, providing uninterrupted electricity supply to the sacred districts of Dumka and Deoghar, which hold immense significance for millions of devoted pilgrims. With a clear vision for holistic development, the chief minister expressed his commitment to uplifting the state’s infrastructure, particularly in the rural areas.

The Jarmundi grid sub-station boasts an impressive capacity of 220/132/33 KV, making it a game-changer in the state’s power sector. Costing a total of Rs 142.65 crore, this essential facility is poised to benefit over 2.5 lakh households in the region. Chief Minister Hemant Soren lauded the realization of this long-pending demand, expressing his joy in fulfilling the aspirations of the people. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated efforts of the power department and the diligent contractors for their timely execution of the project.

Jharkhand's Rural Development Milestone: CM Hemant Soren Launches Jarmundi Grid Sub-Station

In addition to the landmark inauguration, the visionary chief minister announced a series of welfare initiatives for the people. These include providing free electricity to farmers, a noble endeavor aimed at supporting the backbone of the state’s agrarian economy. Moreover, the government will be spearheading the installation of solar panels in educational institutions and healthcare facilities, promoting sustainable energy practices and enhancing public services.

Emphasizing his government’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable power to every household, Hemant Soren introduced a remarkable scheme that will distribute LED bulbs to citizens across the state. This energy-efficient initiative not only aligns with the broader goal of conserving resources but also empowers households with cost-effective lighting solutions.

The chief minister’s vision for Jharkhand transcends just being a power-sufficient state; he envisions a future where every citizen gains access to quality electricity, improving their daily lives and accelerating socio-economic progress. By ensuring the electrification of even the remotest corners, the government aims to bridge the developmental gap and foster inclusive growth.

With the inauguration of the Jarmundi grid sub-station, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has set the wheels in motion for a brighter and more electrified future for Jharkhand. As the state steers towards becoming a power surplus region, its journey towards progress and prosperity has taken a significant stride. The government’s resolute efforts to strengthen the power infrastructure epitomize their dedication to serving the people and propelling Jharkhand to new heights of success.

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