होम News Jharkhand’s Abua Awas Yojana Offers Free 3-Room Homes to Underprivileged

Jharkhand’s Abua Awas Yojana Offers Free 3-Room Homes to Underprivileged


Jharkhand’s CM Hemant Soren Unveils Abua Awas Yojana: Granting Free 3-Room Homes to Underprivileged Citizens

Commemorating Independence Day, Jharkhand’s Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, has revealed the Abua Awas Yojana, an innovative housing initiative tailored for the economically disadvantaged. In an effort to uplift vulnerable communities, this scheme aims to bestow eligible recipients with spacious, 3-room residences at zero cost.

Anticipated to extend its benefits to approximately 750,000 individuals residing in Jharkhand’s rural expanse, the program’s selection criteria will be predicated upon financial standing and societal stature. The construction of these dwellings will be undertaken by the state government in conjunction with affiliated agencies.

The budget earmarked for this endeavor stands at a staggering Rs. 15,000 crore. Financing for the project will stem from the state’s internal resources as well as borrowings.

CM Soren, addressing the launch ceremony, emphasized that this initiative represents a pivotal stride toward materializing the vision of a shelter for every individual within the state. The Chief Minister expressed his conviction that this initiative will not only enhance the living conditions of the impoverished but also nurture their self-sufficiency.

The Abua Awas Yojana is a commendable venture spearheaded by the Jharkhand administration. A long-awaited endeavor, this scheme is poised to extend its reach to a multitude of destitute citizens across the region. By ameliorating the living standards of beneficiaries, it holds the promise of fostering self-reliance among the marginalized populace.

Outlined below are supplementary insights into the program:

Allocation of land parcels by the state government for the construction of these houses. Provision of essential utilities like electricity, water, and sanitation facilities within the residences. Beneficiaries will bear the responsibility of house upkeep and maintenance. A two-phased approach will be undertaken for implementation. Phase one will encompass 500,000 beneficiaries, while the subsequent phase will cover the remaining 250,000 recipients. The Abua Awas Yojana stands as a landmark stride by the Jharkhand government in addressing the housing lacunae faced by the underprivileged. This initiative’s anticipated positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries and their overall living conditions is poised to be transformative.”

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