होम News Jharkhand Government Launches “Anganbaadi Chalo” Campaign

Jharkhand Government Launches “Anganbaadi Chalo” Campaign


The state government is starting the “Anganbaadi Chalo” campaign, which aims to provide education to children before they go to school. Children aged three to four years will join “Navkadam,” those aged four to five will join “Shishu Kadam,” and those aged five to six will join “Bal Kadam.” Every year, children will receive two T-shirts, two pairs of pants (skirts for girls), shoes, two pairs of socks, and stationery.

Cost and Budget

Under this scheme, an annual expense of ₹1400 per child is estimated, which includes providing benches and desks for the children. An expenditure of ₹211.48 crores is allocated for this initiative. The decision was made during a State Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Hemant Soren at the Project Building Secretariat on Thursday. Additionally, the Cabinet approved providing free electricity up to 200 units to the followers of Mahatma Gandhi known as “Tana Bhagats.”

Jharkhand Government Launches "Anganbaadi Chalo" Campaign

The population of “Tana Bhagats” in the state is approximately 20,000. It is noteworthy that the state government recently announced providing 125 units of free electricity to consumers every month. Previously, 100 units of electricity were provided free of cost each month. Another significant decision is to provide Abuja housing to 20 lakh people instead of 8 lakh families initially planned.

Online Payment System for Housing

Earlier, the state government decided to extend the benefits of Abuja Housing Scheme to eight lakh families. However, during the Cabinet meeting, it was decided to increase this number to 20 lakh people. The payment for this will now be made through the online (NEFT) medium.

Establishment of Sir J.C. Bose University in Giridih

The government has also announced the establishment of Sir J.C. Bose University in Giridih. This government university will include all colleges in Giridih and Koderma. In another important decision, the government has increased the expenditure on students’ meals at Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya, Jharkhand Residential School, and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Vidyalaya.

Now, instead of ₹1400 per month, students will receive ₹2290 per month. These schools will receive ₹2.50 lakh for various expenses, ₹2.5 lakh for maintenance, and ₹3.50 lakh for electricity expenses annually. This will amount to a total expenditure of ₹138 crores.

Increase in Clothing Allowance for State Employees

The government has also increased the annual clothing allowance for state employees. Previously ₹2500, it has been raised to ₹5000. Additionally, 166 schools have been upgraded to “Plus Two” status by the state government.

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