होम News 1500 Kisan samriddhi centre will be opened in jharkhand

1500 Kisan samriddhi centre will be opened in jharkhand


In a significant stride towards agricultural prosperity, the Narendra Modi-led government has embarked on an ambitious endeavor – the establishment of 1500 Kisan Samridhi Kendra centers in Jharkhand. These centers serve as holistic hubs, providing farmers with a spectrum of facilities and services, ranging from top-quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to advanced farm equipment, storage solutions, market connections, and comprehensive training and advisory services. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to elevate farmers’ income, enhance productivity, and foster self-reliance within the farming community.

According to the official project website, the Kisan Samridhi Kendra centers will materialize through collaborative efforts involving state governments, cooperative societies, farmer producer organizations, private enterprises, and NGOs. The unique franchise model underpinning these centers ensures shared responsibilities: franchisees invest in infrastructure and equipment, while the government extends support through subsidies, branding assistance, quality assurance, and vigilant monitoring.

Anticipated to benefit approximately 15 lakh farmers in Jharkhand, particularly those falling within the small and marginal categories, this project also holds the promise of generating employment opportunities. Rural youth can engage as franchisees, managers, technicians, or extension workers, thereby fostering economic growth within local communities. Furthermore, the project is set to catalyze digital literacy and financial inclusion among farmers. Through these centers, farmers gain access to diverse online platforms and services, empowering them with knowledge and resources.

Crucially, the Kisan Samridhi Kendra initiative is a pivotal component of the government’s vision to double farmers’ income by 2024. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty eradication, ensuring food security, promoting sustainable agriculture, and encouraging innovation, this project stands as a testament to India’s commitment to global development agendas.

The impact of the Kisan Samridhi Kendra project is not just limited to agricultural growth; it is poised to transform the rural economy of Jharkhand, catapulting the state into a position of agricultural prominence and ensuring a prosperous future for its farmers. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative journey, unfolding the pages of rural empowerment and agricultural advancement.

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