होम News Prime Minister’s Micro Food Processing Enterprise Scheme in Jharkhand

Prime Minister’s Micro Food Processing Enterprise Scheme in Jharkhand


For residents planning to kickstart a small business in any district of Jharkhand, here’s vital news. Initiating a small business often requires capital, and the government is offering loans up to one crore to facilitate entrepreneurial dreams. This report sheds light on the Prime Minister’s Micro Food Processing Enterprise Scheme and its impact on local businesses in Ranchi.

Key Details: Mr. Aaten Vishwasi, the District Coordinator-cum-DRP Ranchi, shared insights into the success of the scheme. As of this year, 60 individuals from Ranchi have availed themselves of the benefits. Beneficiaries have not only improved their financial status but have also created job opportunities by establishing their factories, employing around 10 individuals each.

Prime Minister's Micro Food Processing Enterprise Scheme in Jharkhand

Noteworthy Features of the Scheme:

  1. Accessible Loans: The scheme stands out for providing easy access to loans, ranging up to one crore, facilitating the establishment of food processing units.
  2. Support for Self-Help Groups: The initiative kickstarts self-help groups by providing an initial capital support of ₹40,000.
  3. Branding and Marketing Assistance: Up to 50% financial support is offered by banks for branding and marketing of recognized food products.
  4. Credit-Linked Grant: A 35% credit-linked grant is provided by the FPO for capital investment in the self-help group.

Potential Business Ventures: Beneficiaries under this scheme have explored various business avenues. These include pickle manufacturing, papad making, bread production, biscuit manufacturing, chip production, kurkure making, jam production, jelly making, sago manufacturing, peda making, paneer production, gajak manufacturing, chikki production, turmeric processing, poha making, Maggi production, roasted chickpeas, dry fruit packaging, ketchup production, cake making, toast production, milk processing, ghee manufacturing, murmura production, fish feed manufacturing, mushroom production, makhana manufacturing, noodle production, popcorn, sesame seed crushing, oats snacks, and chutney making.

Mandatory Requirements for Availing Benefits: To avail the benefits of this scheme, applicants must possess certain documents, including Aadhar card, PAN card, email ID, mobile number, educational qualification, mother’s name, updated bank passbook, and ration card. In the absence of a ration card, utility bills such as electricity, telephone, or gas bills can also be submitted. Interested individuals can conveniently apply by calling 9065520231.

This scheme not only supports the economic growth of individuals but also encourages the establishment of diverse and thriving businesses in the region.

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