होम News Ranchi’s Waste-to-Energy Breakthrough: Municipal Corporation’s Vision for Jhiri

Ranchi’s Waste-to-Energy Breakthrough: Municipal Corporation’s Vision for Jhiri


The city is on the verge of overcoming its garbage woes as the Municipal Corporation initiates the construction of a waste-to-energy plant in Jhiri. Anticipated to be operational by June 2024, this innovative plant aims to transform 600 tonnes of waste into electricity daily.

In a strategic move, the Municipal Corporation has partnered with a private firm for the implementation of this groundbreaking project. With a significant investment of Rs 250 crore from the company, the Municipal Corporation will contribute land and waste resources. The generated electricity will be supplied to the state power department by the company.

The plant will leverage state-of-the-art technology known as refuse-derived fuel (RDF). This process involves converting solid waste into fuel pellets, subsequently burned to produce steam that powers a turbine for electricity generation. The facility will also feature a robust system to manage emissions and ash resulting from the combustion process.

With a dual mission of curbing pollution and addressing health concerns associated with garbage disposal, the Municipal Corporation envisions positive outcomes from this initiative. Besides contributing to environmental well-being, the plant is poised to boost the Municipal Corporation’s revenue and create employment opportunities for the local populace. A cleaner, greener future for Ranchi is on the horizon.

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