होम Tourism Khandoli Dam: A Tranquil Haven and Adventure Paradise in Jharkhand

Khandoli Dam: A Tranquil Haven and Adventure Paradise in Jharkhand


Located in Jharkhand,, ten km northeast of Giridih and heading towards Bengabad, Khandoli Dam is a fascinating site that transcends its practical use. In addition to providing over a lakh residents of Giridih city with a vital source of water, it also acts as a lovely getaway at the foot of the Khandoli hill.

Recent Developments: After decades of existence, the urban development agency has taken a major stride forward by announcing plans to desilt the Khandoli lake.

Wildlife Haven

Every year, hundreds of migratory birds travel great distances from areas as far-reaching as northern Asia, the Himalayan belt, Africa, and Australia to Khandoli, attracting the attention of wildlife enthusiasts.

Travel Wonder: Thanks to the district tourism department’s careful development, Khandoli has become a popular tourist destination. During the winter, there is a surge of tourists who come to observe the migrating bird population while birdwatching.

An enormous six-acre amusement park with swings and a toy train among its fun attractions.
Safaris with elephants and camels, in addition to a plethora of other leisure options, contribute to the attraction.
Visitors can enjoy the comfort of a canteen, and expansive views of Khandoli can be seen from a watchtower perched atop a 600-foot-tall mound.
There’s Adventure Ahead:
Khandoli has a plethora of alternatives for adventure seekers, from mountaineering and water sports to aerial adventures.

Tourist Inflow: In addition to drawing travellers from all across the nation, these thrilling adventure activities have also caused a surge in travellers from places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Burdwan, Orissa, and Bihar.

Khandoli Dam: A Tranquil Haven and Adventure Paradise in Jharkhand

Future Prospects: The administration has leased the Khandoli area for more tourism development, realising its potential and guaranteeing that this hidden gem will continue to enchant and thrill tourists for many years to come.

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