होम News Jharkhand’s Tribal Development Digital Atlas Unveiled

Jharkhand’s Tribal Development Digital Atlas Unveiled


Jharkhand government is planning to launch the Tribal Development Digital Atlas, a ground-breaking project designed to uplift tribal communities. The state will carry out a thorough baseline survey under the direction of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, concentrating on Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Communities (PVTGs) residing in various habitations.

Under the direction of the Department of Welfare, all PVTG habitations will be thoroughly assessed and mapped as part of the Tribal Development Digital Atlas, which will produce a digital, geo-linked database. This database will act as the cornerstone for a mission-mode-based strategic action plan that focuses on large-scale socioeconomic infrastructure projects and livelihood-centric initiatives. The Department of Tribal Welfare, through the Tribal Welfare Commissioner, has already started making preparations. The objective, which is scheduled for completion by August 2024, is the comprehensive development of 67,501 PVTG families, which includes 2,92,359 people living in 3,705 recognised villages throughout the state.

Jharkhand's Tribal Development Digital Atlas Unveiled

With this large-scale project, the critical gaps in basic amenities within tribal villages will be filled. It will centre on the standard of living, work, education, skill development, income generation, and other aspects of PVTG households. The comprehensive action plan of the state government includes provisions for healthcare, education, livelihood enhancement, and essential social infrastructure. In addition, the plan calls for the supply of necessities like power, clean water, sanitary facilities, and access to medical care.

PVTGs must be fully integrated into society, and continuous efforts will be made to support their customary means of subsistence. The Jharkhand Tribal Development Society (JTDS) will support cluster-based work and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) as well as initiatives like chickpea cultivation. Through the Sidhu Kanhu Van Upyog Federation, efforts will be made to make products available to markets in order to increase their income. A special residential coaching programme has also been started by the government for young people from eight PVTG communities: Asur, Korba, Mal Paharia, Birhor, Sabar, Birjia, and Saur Paharia. This programme, which offers tutoring for a range of exams, is especially focused on lowering the rates of malnutrition and anaemia, including sickle cell anaemia, in these communities. This innovative endeavour is a big step towards their overall empowerment and development.

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